The Future for Bosbec.

We have entered the age of automation and digitalization, and it is opening up endless possibilities for improving services, cutting costs and developing new ventures. In many sectors it has become a prerequisite for staying in business. Today’s business world is increasingly high velocity and software driven. Sooner or later these two realities will push every company to rethink its potential and reinvent itself.

Mobile Response is a service that enables you to create automated processes of virtually any kind of activity. It is a service for customers to create their own solutions. It is easy, dynamic and powerful to work with.

Digitalization and automation is an enabler for a fully interconnected world where people and things will freely communicate and exchange information. The technology is changing society at an unprecedented rate.

In 2020 there will be 50 billions connected devices sending a total amount of 73 000 billions messages per year.

This means a world where all people, systems or things are connected to everybody and everything, whenever and wherever they want. Mobile Response will be a part in the connecting world.

We believe in staying at the forefront of applying Process Driven Messaging Services to our customers. We also believe in setting new standards for how to build solutions compared to the way it is traditionally built.

Let’s build the future togheter

To improve and create powerful business solutions in a rapidly changing business environment there is a need to have a service that in a fast and easy manner will be able to build those solutions with all business logic needed. We empower developers and make it possible for organisations to build a powerful solution based upon process driven messaging service.


Our mission is to create the best service to build solutions in the world where systems, devices and things can be connected.


We believe in building the future together with you where the world is connected to everybody and everything.


  • We promise to strive to provide the best experience possible, because you expect nothing less.
  • We promise to make your business with us easy, because you have more important things to worry about.
  • We promise to strive to have the best technology in our platform, because you need to be competitive and prepared for future.